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Diet Bubnovsky S.M. for treating arthritis. useful advice of Dr. Bubnovsky S.M.

  1. Good advice on products
  2. What Dr. Bubnovsky S.M. advises to break up

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about eating meat and fasting days about eating meat and fasting days

useful advice of Dr. Bubnovsky S.M.

what Bubnovsky S.M. advises to break up

Antiarthritic diet Bubnovsky S.M. attractive because it is not overly strict. But - effective and affordable. At one time, she helped Sergei Mikhailovich to throw away his crutches and stand up. Of course, combined with exercise.

To combat arthritis, in addition to performing exercises agreed with your doctor, proper nutrition is also required. About the first component of the victory over the disease can be read in the selection of materials "Method Bubnovsky SM" About the second - in the material " Arthritis Diet ".

On the observance of the necessary nutritional restrictions in the article, everything is written in sufficient detail and accessible. Without culinary delights. Is it necessary then, you ask, to return to this topic?

If there is an opportunity to find out the opinion of a specialist on this issue - practice, probably there is a sense in it. This is Dr. med., Professor Bubnovsky Sergey Mikhailovich.

He managed to cope not only with his problems in the musculoskeletal system, obtained after an accident, but also to create a rehabilitation technique for others. What is included in his list of recommendations for compliance with the diet?

First, the lack of a complete ban on the use of meat impressed. It is necessary to remove only steak, ham and their derivatives from the table. With regard to the use of poultry, for example, there is no taboo. Recommended rabbit or lamb. Not often and necessarily in combination with vegetables and herbs.

In addition, after therapeutic physical training in the center of kinesitherapy, Bubnovsky S.M. his patients are strongly advised to use protein foods. The goal is to help the body recover and build muscle tissue after a workout. It is needed to affect the vessels and capillaries while ensuring the nutrition of the joints and the evacuation of slags.

Unloading days, so popular in many diets, did not leave unattended and Sergey Mikhailovich. He recommends to spend only one day a week on any one product - kefir, buckwheat or rice porridge. But be sure to combine this with repeated use of a contrast shower, hydromassage or sauna .

Dairy lovers Bubnovsky S.M. advises to use them separately from animal proteins - fish of the same meat. There is a limitation here - it should be only dairy products without additional fillers, which are found quite often in our time.

Good advice on products

  • replace canned food fresh, fried - stewed or boiled;

  • eliminate from the diet the dominance of confectionery products - buns, pancakes, pies, etc .;

  • to ensure the prevalence of fresh vegetables and greens in the daily menu. For their better absorption, use the application of unrefined vegetable oil.

  • to pay the most serious attention to the healing qualities of cabbage - this strongest adsorbent of various kinds of toxins.

  • eat cereals daily for breakfast and alternate them. An explanation of this, at first glance, strange recommendation can be found in the article " Who is good for oatmeal? ".

What Dr. Bubnovsky S.M. advises to break up

  • try to get rid of the use of tobacco and alcoholic beverages as soon as possible;

  • from honey on the table leave only honey and fruit;

  • the volume of water drunk per day to bring up to three liters. Use it better before meals. Remember that for the joints green tea is much more useful than green tea, or coffee;

  • do not eat before bedtime;

  • do not snack between main meals. They should be only three with an interval of five to six hours.

According to S.M. Bubnovsky "Hurt the knees. What to do."

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Is it necessary then, you ask, to return to this topic?
What is included in his list of recommendations for compliance with the diet?