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How to pump up the press on the bar

  1. Exercises for the press on the bar Today we will discuss the topic of how to pump up the press on...
  2. Swing the press on the bar
  3. Raise straight legs to the crossbar
  4. What are bark muscles?
  5. How to swing a side press on the bar
  6. How to swing the press on the bar

Exercises for the press on the bar

Today we will discuss the topic of how to pump up the press on the bar and why it is needed at all Today we will discuss the topic of how to pump up the press on the bar and why it is needed at all. Very often, many novice athletes think that the horizontal bar can only be used for regular pull-ups. But at the same time, not everyone knows that an ordinary horizontal bar can be used for many other exercises for pumping or simply keeping muscles in good physical shape.

But in fact, exercises for the press with a, on the bar are very often more effective in comparison with other types of exercises on pumping the press. They often provide greater amplitude of movement, are more convenient, give greater burdening, and most importantly, on the horizontal bar it is much more convenient to swing the muscles of the side press, the so-called core muscles.

But in the end, it turns out that it is the lateral muscles that have the most positive effect on the spine, and since the spine is the basis of our health. As a result , the lateral muscles are one of the most useful muscles for a healthy body, and undoubtedly among the most beautiful muscles in a healthy and pumped-up body , moreover, both male and female. The photo shows an example of a pump press literally in 2 weeks of shock training for this program.

Well enough words, let's go directly to the exercises themselves.

Training press on the bar

So, naturally, most novice athletes initially do not have very good physical condition, so I will try to give exercises on how to rock a press on a horizontal bar in stages from simpler to more complex. But if for you the first exercises are too easy, then you can start with harder ones without any problems. And we will probably start with lifting the legs bent at the knees:

Technique press on the bar:

Hanging on the crossbar to raise the legs, bent at the knees, up (so that they were parallel to the floor). Keep your back level and not try to raise your legs at the expense of your back , if possible, we work only with abdominal muscles. For a more effective result of exercise for the press on the bar do 3 sets of 25-30 times . Rest between sets for 20-30 seconds.

Swing the press on the bar

After you have mastered the previous exercise as a logical continuation, try after some time to try to align bent legs, it is a little more difficult, but there is nothing impossible when there is a desire to practice. If you want to train even more, you can try making various movements with your feet, such as scissors, or as if riding an invisible bicycle .

In the end, after several months of doing these exercises, you can even try to pull up at the same time as doing this exercise, usually called the “corner” . Then you can save your precious time and do 2 exercises in one , getting a load on both the arm muscles and the abs.

But in the end, we still do not use the lateral abdominal muscles, and of course an article about how to pump up the press on the horizontal bar without it would be completely incomplete. And for this we will need the following more complicated, but also more effective exercise on pumping the muscles of the lateral press on the horizontal bar.

Raise straight legs to the crossbar

This is already a more difficult exercise, but if you feel strong in yourself, then you can start right away with it. Straighten your legs as far as possible, and lift them up from the bottom until they touch the crossbar , or at least as long as it is possible for you physically.

Strain exactly the abdominals, and do not swing until the legs themselves do not rise up. It is advisable to do 3 sets of 20-25 times (for those who find it difficult to do this amount, you can do 10-12 times at first). Rest between sets for 30 seconds.

And only after this preparatory exercise began to work out well, we proceed in time to our main exercise for training the side press muscles on the crossbar, and it is more correct to even say the core muscles.

What are bark muscles?

The muscles of the cortex are a complex of muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the pelvis, thighs, and spine.

Bark muscles include:

  • obliques
  • transverse abdominal muscle
  • hip rectus muscle
  • small and medium gluteus muscles
  • leading m
  • thigh muscle
  • podostny muscle
  • coraco-humeral muscle, etc.

And it is not strange that all these muscles in the complex are necessary for the proper functioning of our spine and maintaining it always in a healthy state. That is why we decided to pump the core muscles precisely on the horizontal bar, because almost all the usual ways of pumping these necessary muscles are less effective. And accordingly, I think that it is better to swing the press on a horizontal bar.

How to swing a side press on the bar

Exercise “ Janitor ”. Technique:

This exercise is the most difficult of the above , but it gives the maximum effect on the lateral muscles of our press, and accordingly shakes them best. A more scientific language says that this exercise is most useful for pumping the muscles of the bark, the press and a little triceps.

It is necessary to do this exercise in 2-3 approaches 10-15 times. With a rest between sets about 30-25 seconds. Well, about how exactly to do, read on. But here, as in the previous exercise, if you can’t do it right away with straight legs, you can start by beginning to train this exercise with your legs bent at the knees.

How to swing the press on the bar

Lift slowly straight legs to the bar, lock them in that position and try to tilt them first to the right and then to the left. At first, this will likely seem difficult, so movements can be done at first with a small amplitude, or bend your knees, making your life easier.

But in the end, having a little practice you can do this exercise with perfectly straight legs and maximum amplitude , then even those who work out in specialized gyms on expensive sports equipment will envy your press.

At the same time, you can easily achieve such impressive results without even leaving your home, if of course you have a horizontal bar at home. Which is better to have at home, in case of bad weather outside. And of course, apart from a sporty and beautiful body, you get a correct and good posture and a healthy spine as a bonus , which of course is equally important for enjoying life.

Therefore, my recommendation on how to pump up the press on the bar is simple, do more sports, make your body more beautiful and healthier, and your life happier. And in this you will be helped by exercises for the press on the bar, and I advise you to read my new and best martial arts book , and articles about the more traditional use of the bar and the best ways to pull up on the bar, and even about how to quickly learn how to push up from the floor with 0 for the most beginners . And of course, how many times a week do you need to play sports for maximum sports results.

The authors of the article are Dmitry Vinnik and Tamaluku.

What are bark muscles?