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How to reduce the importance of using Transurfing?

  1. Tatyana Samarina, Leading Trainer of the Transurfing Center
  2. Why is it “important” to let go of importance?
  3. Top 5 tips on how not to overestimate the importance
  4. Tips Vadim Zelanda
  7. Videos and practices from the Transserfing Center trainers

Our readers and participants Transerfing Center This question is often asked - how to reduce the importance? Despite the fact that in books Vadim Zelanda the topic of importance is sorted out in detail, in practice, difficulties still arise ...

  • How to reduce the importance if you are dismissed from work, and I have two loans and a mortgage?”
  • “How can you relax if competitors lure half of our customers?”
  • “How can you not worry when the realization of your most desirable goal is at stake?”
  • “How to calm down and not overestimate the importance when a happy marriage in the past is on the verge of collapse?”

And indeed, it is difficult to maintain awareness, calmness and a clear head when such collapse occurs in life. Emotions going wild, doubts and fears creep from the nooks of consciousness, and resentment and anger do not allow to think soberly. There is no time for the formulation of the intention! Importance would first lower. So as not to further aggravate the situation.

So let's see again - how to reduce the importance of Reality transurfing ?

Tatyana Samarina, Leading Trainer of the Transurfing Center

This question is asked to me from year to year by program participants. Transserving Center and it does not lose its relevance. After all, increased importance can greatly hinder the realization of your goals. According to the author Transports , Vadim zealand : “The higher the significance of the goal, the less likely it is to achieve it.”

How to reduce the importance? At first glance it seems that it is very simple - stop worrying, relax, release the situation. But in reality, it turns out to be completely different: as soon as we set a goal, thoughts “well, when already?, “What if it doesn't work out?”, “This goal is EVERYTHING for me.

”, “This goal is EVERYTHING for me

At such moments, you can even feel at the physical level, how your entire body is tense, heartbeat quickens, and various thoughts overwhelm your head. This condition is a clear sign of high importance. It becomes very IMPORTANT for you that the goal be embodied in reality at all costs. And preferably quickly ...

So what to do to not overestimate the importance? I suggest you start with two main ways.

1. The first truly effective way to reduce importance is action. This means that you need to start making real steps towards your goal. Importance is the excess potential, and the excess potential is dissipated in action. If you do not know what steps you need to take, then put the body into work! To do this, any aerobic exercise is suitable - running, swimming, dancing. Let yourself out of your comfort zone through your body. And be sure to set yourself an intention to express your “importance” before playing sports.

2. The second way - reality inversion . That is, exaggerating the situation and consciously bringing it to the point of absurdity. Get involved in this game, engage your sense of humor and get creative. You can write a humorous story or a fairy tale about your importance. Do not hesitate to use emotions and epithets, paint in all colors how important the event is of concern to you, feel yourself terribly important! Approach this with all the seriousness that you are capable of. After all, the importance is so blocking your energy that really deserves attention.

Having created your masterpiece of the literary genre, you can read it to your friends and family or simply recite it out loud - with expressive intonations and active gestures. Even if the story turned out to be ridiculous, do it absolutely seriously, knowing the full responsibility of the moment ... It will help you look at the situation from the outside and laugh at your fears and feelings, which in turn will reduce the very importance of this situation and remove the excessive excess potential.

How best to learn how to use Transurfing, read the article. “Reality Management: Step # 1. Practice "letting go of problems" .

Why is it “important” to let go of importance?

The importance is insidious because it prevents us from realizing our goals, especially at the moment when they are almost in our pocket. When we want something very strongly, with lust and impatience, excessive potentials are born, and immediately equilibrium forces arise, designed to establish harmony, eliminating the very cause of the conflict. That is your goal.

For example, imagine: you are waiting for an interview at a prestigious position in an international corporation. You dreamed about it all the past years. You have already successfully completed the first two stages of the competition, and the final, the most important one has remained. In addition to you, this place is claimed by two worthy specialists.

In addition to you, this place is claimed by two worthy specialists

How do you feel on the eve of the interview? Most likely, you start to worry, clench your fists, grit your teeth and ... give rise to excess potentials that create an imbalance. And you yourself at times reduce your chances of taking the desired position! Isn't it better to relax, trust your world, formulate a clear intention ... and then just go and get yours? As calm and confident as you go to the store for new things?

Another importance is dangerous because it inflates problems, attracts new troubles and exacerbates the already difficult situations, "adds fuel to the fire." And only in your power to extinguish this fire in order to do without victims and even greater losses.

For example, on vacation in another country, your wallet was stolen. Yes, an annoying incident! But what to do next - only you decide. You can react like this: “Everything, now all the rest is spoiled! Terrible country, terrible people, the world is so unfair to me! .. ”. And then the mirror world will begin to diligently live up to your expectations. Something else will be stolen from you, they will cheat in a cafe, they will step on their feet, the camera will break, you will be late for the bus, the hotel will turn off the electricity ...

But you can react to an unpleasant situation with the theft of the wallet completely different. Just laugh at her, so as not to inflate the importance: “What a nice thief, stole my money, okay, let her be glad, buy herself ice cream! But now I’m not exactly getting home a bunch of unnecessary souvenirs, I didn’t have enough time in a restaurant, I’ll refuse to take a taxi - I’ll walk more, build and take a vacation with benefits! ”

Vadim zealand advises not to take the problems seriously:

“The danger does not come from the problem itself, but from your attitude towards it. Permeating the importance of the problem, you give energy to the pendulum. ”

Top 5 tips on how not to overestimate the importance

1. Be safe and find a fallback solution.

2. Use the inversion of reality: enjoy the difficulties, rather rub your hands in anticipation of failure, laugh at the problems.

3. Hypertrophy your experiences. Pretend panic, shake and cover your face with your hands if you are afraid of something. Or pretend that you are in mourning and cry loudly if you are sad about losing money or regret something.

4. Turn on Caretaker and consciously change the attitude to the "most important in your life" event.

5. Develop a sense of humor and laugh more often. Behave like a child who enjoys every day and trusts his World.

Tips Vadim Zelanda

Determine the importance and discard it.

“When you are in harmonious balance with the outside world, your life flows easily and pleasantly. You easily achieve your goal. If you are building a wall of excess potentials, life turns into a struggle with equilibrium forces. Faced with a problem situation, try to determine where you are bending the stick, what you are fixing, what you attach to an excessive value. Determine your importance, and then abandon it. The wall will collapse, the obstacle will disappear, the problem will be solved by itself. Do not overcome obstacles - reduce the importance of ".

Make life easier

“Reducing the importance, just do not go too far. Lowering external importance has nothing to do with neglect and underestimation. Life should be treated more simply. Do not neglect, but do not embellish. To accept the world as it is. Lowering internal importance has nothing to do with humility and self-deprecation. ”

There are no problems

“Problems as such do not exist - there is only an artificially high importance of things. When a person realizes this illusory nature of problems, he can deliberately reduce the importance of everything that does not give rest. Pay attention: not to lower the value, but to reduce the significance. To look at the game from the side, soberly and impartially. By lowering the importance, you will immediately enter an equilibrium state, and the pendulums will not be able to establish control over you, because there is nothing to hold the emptiness for. ”

Learn more about how to interact with pendulums correctly in the article. “Pendulums in Transurfing. How not to fall under their influence?


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Videos and practices from the Transserfing Center trainers

Tips from Tatiana Samarina to reduce the importance

You can easily reduce the importance - it does not require you long hours of meditation, visualization and other techniques. Reality transurfing . It is enough to consciously follow two tips from Tatiana Samarina , giving importance to at least 5-10 minutes a day - and you will already notice the results and changes in life!

How to reduce the importance of through action?

Importance is dispelled in action. But what action to start with? What exactly to do? And, most importantly - why, exactly, will it work? Answers Tatyana Samarina .

The “Rise Over Problem” practice from Evgenia Samarina

Choose a place on the dais, climb the balcony of a high-rise building, look around ... and start working on reducing the importance! You will need only 5 minutes to do this practice. Find two objects - one large, for example, a temple, and the second small, for example, a car. So what is next…

As soon as you learn to reduce the importance and not create excess potentials, the number of problems in your life will decrease significantly. You will be surprised when you find out: what was previously given by such a work, suddenly it seems as if it “floats” into your hands! The fact is that by not allowing equilibrium forces and pendulums to interfere, you gain the freedom of choice and regain your right to control your life. And easily realize all your goals!

You can now practice the tools to reduce importance - and, finally, get rid of it by taking part in an online meeting. "Life without importance!" . In 1.5 hours you:

  • learn how and by what importance is formed;
  • learn the reality Transurfing tools to reduce importance in all areas of life;
  • reduce your importance and stop creating excessive potentials;
  • learn to consciously choose the desired emotional state;
  • learn to act successfully in stressful situations;
  • get rid of obstacles on the way and start to easily and quietly realize your goals!

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?How to reduce the importance if you are dismissed from work, and I have two loans and a mortgage?
But in reality, it turns out to be completely different: as soon as we set a goal, thoughts “well, when already?
?, “What if it doesn't work out?
So what to do to not overestimate the importance?
Why is it “important” to let go of importance?
How do you feel on the eve of the interview?
And then just go and get yours?
As calm and confident as you go to the store for new things?
How not to fall under their influence?
How to reduce the importance of through action?