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Quit smoking, gained weight, and then lost 15 kg

My story began with getting rid of addiction - smoking . I used to hear a lot about the fact that former smokers are gaining weight quickly, but I have only experienced it now. Refusal from cigarettes became a big stress for my body, and I began to actively seize this stress. Buns, sandwiches, chocolates and I became inseparable. Needless to say that this led to extra pounds? I didn’t even immediately notice that my usual wardrobe was already bursting at the seams, and when I did, I couldn’t stop. Thus, I gained 20 extra pounds . Seeing what happened to me, I was determined to lose weight, and as quickly as possible. For this, I decided to go to the fitness center to professional trainers. As it turned out, simple diets are ineffective, they need to be combined with strength training and cardio workouts.

I was advised to diet low carb and with a large amount of protein consumed (this is in order to burn fat and build muscle at the same time). The coach forbade me to eat everything sweet, flour and fried. I had to cook for a couple, or in the oven. This diet has become unusual for me, but quite bearable. Together with the diet I made up a set of exercises that I performed in the gym. I devoted trainings three days a week, and after training I spent another hour on the treadmill.

I can say that losing weight was very difficult for me I can say that losing weight was very difficult for me ... And, it turned out, diet is not the most difficult . Of course, the rejection of sweets was a blow to me, but strength training was just a killer. My trainer, having learned about my plans for fast weight loss, drove me around the room like a mountain goat. After that put me on treadmill and looked to me not filonila. In the first month I lost ten pounds. Weight went just before our eyes. But the coach immediately warned me that the more overweight, the faster he leaves. Indeed, further progress was a little less joyful - already five kilograms of excess weight for the second month of diet and exercise. I admit that at this stage I could throw more, but I gave myself a little liberty in the form of tea with sugar in the morning and rare breaks at the cake. Thus, in 2 months I lost 15 kilograms of excess weight and I do not intend to stop there. I was determined not only to return to my past size, but also to improve my figure further.

Catherine Rubtsova shared her slimming history with us

Needless to say that this led to extra pounds?