Сейду Думбия снова ждут в ЦСКА

Why “Zenith” - the homeless, and “Spartak” - meat. - Interesting Facts

Two irreconcilable opponents in Russian football, Moscow “Spartak” and St. Petersburg “Zenith”, have unusual nicknames. Muscovites are called "meat", and the nickname "homeless" is firmly established for the club from St. Petersburg. Probably not all football fans know about the origin of the "homeless" and "meat".

In 1984, Zenit, then Leningrad, for the first time in its history became the country's champion in football. The success of the club in the city on the Neva was celebrated on a grand scale. The team, which has played for many years in the top football division, finally achieved the desired goal. In Leningrad, plastic bags were issued with the proud inscription “Zenit is a champion!”. Not only Zenit fans walked with them in the city, but, as they said, people without certain occupations. In due course packages were torn and appeared on dumps. So the players of the strongest Leningrad club got the nickname "homeless".

But the "meat" has a much more ancient history. The nickname was attached to the team in the distant twenties of the last century. Then this football club still did not carry the name of the legendary Roman gladiator, but was called “Pisheviki”. It was the time of the NEP, and the team was financed by a butcher’s cooperative.

Many fans believe that the traditional red-and-white form of Spartacus has played its role. It is possible that this is the case, although the team began to perform later in the form of such colors.

By the way, the history of the appearance of the red-white form is also quite interesting. In 1927, the footballers of the Moscow football club "Trekhgorka" went on a foreign tour. For the team we bought bright red, in the spirit of the time, T-shirts with a white stripe on the chest.

After returning from abroad, the team continued to perform in this form for several years. Then Trekhgorki’s affairs didn’t matter, and the club was disbanded.

Since 1934, the players of Promkooperatsii began to appear in this form, so the team “Pisheviki” began to be called. And in 1935, the sports society "Spartak" was created, which included the players of "Promco-operation". By the decision of the leadership of the new society, the red and white uniform was approved as the official one.

For a long time, Spartacus believed the nickname "meat" offensive. But in 2002, the young striker of the team Dmitry Sychev, after scoring the ball, tore off his shirt, under which was a shirt with the inscription: “Who are we? Meat!". Gradually, the fans of the team began to treat the nickname more easily.